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Categoria: news
Data di pubblicazione: 11.01.21

The Cement line was born in 2020 from our desire to be artistically liberal while using a new material. Deriving from an artisanal process, cement is simple, pure, sturdy, sustainable, and modern. It has a striking visual impact but a low environmental impact. With this as our starting point, we experimented until we found the perfect form. A closed shape allows you to “play” with the piece by rolling it from one base to the other — creating a display that is both static and dynamic. Although every display is made from the same mold, each one is unique thanks to the working of the cement. The process consists of pressing, cooling, and hardening the cement. When multiple displays are placed together, their unique traits encourage dialogue, generate curiosity, and invoke a sense of familiarity. The various finishes give a voice to each piece; collectively, they have a shared voice modulated by slight variations. Modernity emanates from this piece.